Prof. Dirk A. Loose M.D.
Consultant Surgeon
Specialist in vascular medicine


Congenital vascular malformations can be detected relatively quickly by a specialist, by means of a simple clinical examination. Because general practitioners are frequently not aware of the clinical picture, incorrect diagnoses are unfortunately commonly issued. What’s more, even if the clinical picture is known, a general diagnosis of Klippel-Trénaunay Syndrome is often given, which many physicians still consider to be untreatable. For this reason it is important - should you experience this type of discomfort - that you not only seek out a vascular doctor, but one who is a specialist in congenital vascular malformation.

Prof. Loose and Dr. Gebhardt (specialist in vascular surgery) have been successfully treating patients with congenital vascular malformation for many years, in particular children. Patients travel from all around the world to be examined by them in Hamburg. The diagnosis and treatment are performed in the Facharztklinik Hamburg as well as in the Klinik Fleetinsel, where Prof. Loose  and Dr. Gebhardt work as an attending physicians. Under certain circumstances, further examinations are required in our other specialised diagnostic centres.

Following thorough examination, and on the basis of the respective clinical picture, Prof Loose and Dr. Gebhardt develope a therapy strategy with personalised treatment measures. Although not all forms of the illness are curable, the progression of the disease can be significantly positively influenced by the correct treatment. In particular, early treatment during childhood (between the ages of 3 and 7) has proven internationally to have a good chance of success.

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