Prof. Dirk A. Loose M.D.
Consultant Surgeon
Specialist in vascular medicine

Curriculum Vitae

25. April 1941: Born in Göttingen
From 1962: Medical studies in Heidelberg
From 1965: Medical studies in Kiel
1968: Completion of medical studies and graduation as a doctor of medicine
May 1970: Granted medical licence /State occupational permit
From 1970: Specialist medical training at the University of Düsseldorf
1975: Graduation as a specialist surgeon
1977: Graduation as a specialist in vascular surgery
1978: Granted the Venia Legendi (teaching qualification) at the University of Dusseldorf and appointed an associate lecturer
1982: Appointed a university professor
1983 to 2006:

Senior Physician in the Department of Angiology (vascular diseases) and Vascular Surgery at the Dr. Guth Surgical Clinic, Hamburg

1984: Lecture at the 5th international workshop for malformations, Milan, Italy
1986: Lecture at the 6th international workshop for malformations, Boston, USA
19. - 22.6.1988: Realisation of the 7th international workshop for malformations in Hamburg
1989: Foundation of the Zentrum für Kreislaufstörungen und Gefäßfehler e.V. [Centre for Circulatory Disorders and Vascular Defects], Hamburg
Since 1989: Attending physician at the Facharztklinik Hamburg [Hamburg Specialist Medical Practice], (formerly the Michaelis Hospital)
1990: Foundation of the Zentrum für Gefäßmedizin [Centre for Vascular Medicine], Hamburg, which combines all departments that treat vascular diseases within one interdisciplinary centre
1992: Joint foundation of the International Society for the Studies of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA)
2002: Foundation of the “European School for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Malformations” (Europäisches College für die Diagnose und Behandlung von Gefäßfehlbildungen) in the Facharztklinik, Hamburg.
Since 01.01.2015: Attending physician also in Fleetinsel clinic, Hamburg in cooperation with Dr. C. Gebhardt.