Prof. Dirk A. Loose M.D.
Consultant Surgeon
Specialist in vascular medicine

Success Stories

Nathalie' s Story

At the age of just three, Nathalie announced to her parents that she wanted to be a cellist. Would this be possible? Since birth Nathalie had suffered from a vascular malformation in her right leg, which was very painful.


Lucas' Story

Angelika Becker, 33, accompanied her 4-year-old son Lucas to his first operation. She placed his cuddly toy under his arm, stroked his cheek and whispered: “It will all be okay. You mustn’t be scared. When you wake up again your mum will be right beside you.”


Iris' Story

My name is Iris and I am 36 years old. Since birth I have had an abnormality called “predominantly venous malformation". I only found out that I have this specific condition in recent years. This is mainly down to the fact that vascular malformations are not well known and I had an odyssey of visits to doctors behind me before I finally came across Prof. Loose in Hamburg, who immediately offered me help.